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Designing of integral system solutions based on integration of the achievements of the three companies

Kolbis integrates the efforts of structures of IBM, Microsoft and Xerox in the creation of integral system solutions in Bulgaria. The advantage of Kolbis designing comes also from the fact that the three companies support us with their know-how.

When designing information systems, we adhere to the following:

There is no realization of an integrated system without a particular design. There is no design without particular need of a particular business entity or establishment;

1. One has a future, provided that, instead of the idea sale wherever possible, one assumes the idea to make sales where there is a real need thereof, where a real information problem has arisen.

2. One can cope with an information problem with a complex solution. Each design is unique and is based on the particular needs of the client. After a systematic analysis, a systematic solution is proposed, which will stand the hardware and software test of the time and will not incur additional expenses on the client. The systematic analysis brings forward the technology of the clients work and its needs, and its hardware and software resources, which are still fit and could be integrated with advanced elements. We are still too poor to afford to get rid of the whole equipment and install entirely new systems.

3. There are a lot of examples. The contemporary Xerox digital technologies for scanning and wide-format and/or color print can easily coexist with the obsolete but physically fit analogue machines. Moreover, digital technologies require adaptation time for the people operating with them. Training includes getting used to work in a network, working groups, internal e-mail, Internet, specialized software applications.

4. Integration into the designed systems such technologies as crypting (IBM), electronic signature, record-keeping systems, document exchange control systems, multifunctional network Xerox devices for scanning, pre-print processing and print, specialized software packages for production purposes and with general purpose (e.g. MS Office 2000), business through Internet (IBM), Internet through GSM communication, ISDN communication, portable office of a manager with all opportunities provided by the powerful ThinkPad of IBM and the software of Microsoft.

5. The economic effect for the client is sought during designing. Return on investments is sought in a short-term aspect. The client is given an analysis of the prime cost of documents production in two directions - in the event that the client keeps the existing conditions and in the event that it makes investments.

The structures of the company, together with the information networks, are an excellent proving ground of the newest information technologies introduced to Bulgaria.



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