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Xerox DocuCenters Chain of Kolbis

Up to the present, Kolbis has established four operating DocuCenters in Sofia, interrelated with ISDN link both among themselves and with the Head Office. The dynamic referral of orders ensures uniform loading of the production capacities of the company. ISDN communication includes also the Head Office of the company and the regional integration center in Varna, and in the future the ring will cover also all other Integration Centers. The fast communications and the equipment of these centers will make high technologies available to wide circles of the public. People will be able to transfer drawings, books and other great data strings in electronic format from one big city to another, and to receive printouts of ready drawings, books, etc.

The production process in Kolbis Centers applies most advanced technologies and is to a great extent experimental. A dream, which the state economy is pursuing, has come true.

Kolbis makes progress in creating DocuCenters in big cities and these DocuCenters are a part of the planned domestic construction of regional integration centers of the company. Construction of a big regional integration center in Varna is currently in progress. The system, in its full volume, will provide 600 specialists with the opportunity to make a career in the field of IT. Besides, by means of the regional structures the public will be provided with access to various expensive high tech facilities mailing systems, editing systems, transfer of drawings and documents via Internet, their printing, etc.



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